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About Me

Hi, I'm Aaron.

I'm passionate about improving the health and well-being of people who are transgender and gender diverse and I firmly believe that educating others plays a large part in this. That and letting people see that we're just regular everyday folk.

I started transitioning a few years ago while I was studying nursing, and shortly after this,  started working in an emergency department. Like a lot of others, I found that I was usually one of, if not the first, openly transgender person most people had met. Early on this led me to decide that I was going to be open about who I was and answer the many questions people had.  

It's not always easy for all of us to be open about who we are. Family, friends and work aren't always understanding and sometimes it can be plain dangerous. I was lucky enough to have an accepting family and to be in a workplace that not only accepted me but that wanted to learn more for the well being of our gender diverse patients. So it only seemed right to give back in any way I could. 

This led me to develop a brief format education session. Something to fit into the lives of time poor professionals. Enough to know the basics, to know where to look for more and to ask any questions you have. Over the last few years I've shared this education with administrative staff, doctors, nurses and mental health practitioners...and I hope to share it with you too. 

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