Transgender people often have to educate healthcare providers about themselves, get asked inappropriate questions and consequently avoid heath care. On the other hand healthcare providers, due to a lack of knowledge, can often feel uncomfortable treating patients who are trans or gender diverse.

A short form education session aims to bridge this knowledge gap.

The session covers:

*Who are transgender and gender diverse people?

*What is transitioning and why people do it?

*What medicines and/or surgeries might they take or have?

*What are the issues facing people who are trans and gender diverse in healthcare today?

Plus an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Please feel free to contact me to organise a free 30 minute to 1 hour education session. I'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

If more in-depth education, or further written or video information, is required please see below to connect to other websites. There are also some wonderful and long established trans and gender diverse (TGD) community organisations who you can connect with. I'm happy to help with this.


This learning program is designed to help general practitioners, practice nurses and medical students to become familiar with and sensitive to diverse terminology, experiences, health issues, standards and referral pathways with respect to trans, gender-diverse and non-binary (TGDNB) clients.

The full module takes about 60 minutes. It covers a range of areas, and incorporates a variety of activities and visual content. You can also choose to complete particular sections of the module by using the index on the ‘dashboard’ of the online classroom.

I've found this module to be excellent at giving an overview of gender diverse clients you may have. Although it states its use is for GP practices I believe selected modules are still of use for the hospital setting.
The Trans GP Module has been endorsed by AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health).

This module is designed for a range of mental health professionals to become familiar with and sensitive to the diverse terminology, experiences, issues, standards, and referral pathways with respect to trans, gender diverse, and non-binary (TGDNB) clients. The overarching purpose is to promote more inclusive and responsive service provision for TGDNB people in mental health care settings.
The full module takes approximately two hours to complete, covers a range of areas, and incorporates a variety of activities and visual content.


A great overarching resource from the NSW based ACON. If you need a good overview of pretty much anything trans and gender diverse related you'll probably find it here.

Ygender is a peer led support and advocacy organisation for trans and gender diverse young people.

A great resource with informational and personable videos featuring TGD youth educating on important and relevant topics such as trans101, friends and family and how to be an ally...and more!


The Queensland Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic and Statewide Service has developed the following staff training videos for health professionals across Queensland. They were made with consumers and carers of children diverse in gender or sexuality to communicate their experiences to staff, the skills that optimise their health and the value of systemic change.

Three great videos (each one 3-4min long) of the youth perspective of why increasing awareness of trans and gender diverse issues is important.