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What I do...

  • Provide brief format education on trans and gender diverse issues - with an emphasis on those who work in healthcare environments or who train healthcarers in Queensland and

  • Connect others with trans and gender diverse organisations and support groups.

Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge of trans and gender diverse people and issues has led to barriers in communication and a generalised mistrust of the heath care system. 

Working in healthcare myself I know that the vast majority of people care and only lack some basic education in this area. I have also seen and heard from many trans people about their adverse health care experiences. 

As such I offer this service for free in order to promote an understanding of gender diversity within the healthcare system and to subsequently improve the well-being of trans & gender diverse people. 

My sincerest wish is that one day there will be no need to offer education or support people  in this area as basic trans and gender diverse issues will be general knowledge.

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